Sustainable and reliable solution for your water reservoir

Constant sediment management is a basic requirement for a longer lifespan of any water reservoir. With the ConSedTrans® System various issues related to sedimentation are solved in an efficient, environmental-friendly and cost-saving way.

Ferrostaal Sediments offers solutions for “de-sedimentation”, preventing I .e. loss of storage capacity in all kind of water reservoirs. Its innovative process continuously regains storage volume. ConSedTrans® can be implemented as a short-term measure or as a permanent solution for the reservoir.

The accumulated sediment in the reservoir is mobilized and transferred with ConSedTrans® (Continuous Sediment Transfer) further to the downstream river section. The sediment remains in the river system. Since, no material is removed, ConSedTrans® avoids costly dredging campaigns with landfilling and deposition.

 Advantages of the ConSedTrans® system:

  • ConSedTrans® is very efficient and economic.
  • continuously transfers sediment from your reservoir to the downstream river. It replicates the river’s natural sediment transfer leaving the sediment in the river system.
  • fulfills the high standards of the EU WFD (EU Water Framework Directive).
  • is adjustable in its mass transfer performance. Any important limits (e.g. solid concentration) for you and your stakeholders can be adhered to.
  • is scalable in its amount of transferred volumes. We design a tailor-made solution for you.
  • the quantities transferred by ConSedTrans® are transparently documented in real time. We have full control over the transfer. Its progress can be checked at any time.
  • can operate fully automated and unmanned.
  • operates effectively throughout the whole reservoir. We can fully restore its storage capacity.
  • operation does not have to be stopped during ConSedTrans®. You can maintain your plant availability during the sediment removal.

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