High-quality industrial equipment to promote our customers' business development. We work as consultant and project developer with high focus on an attractive product design.

With our decades of experience we support our customers in developing projects which are economically worthwhile on a long-term basis. Our customers profit from our know-how from the very beginning. As a strong partner we stand by our clients every step of the way, from the idea to the feasibility study and technical consulting all the way to ultimate implementation. After all, industrial equipment is only as good as its design.

Project studies

At the start of each project there is the question of its feasibility. We analyse this in our project studies. As one of the largest industry service providers we examine things from our customer’s perspective and can thus achieve the best possible solution for them. To do this we define the project jointly with the customer, determine advantages and disadvantages, set criteria, and develop strategies and potential solutions. We calculate costs and benefits and analyse the market and all the success factors. As a result we can draw specific conclusions regarding the technical and economic feasibility, and submit precise plans for the organisational and legal implementation and scheduling for the project concerned. 

Technical consulting

A decisive part of project development consists of the technical consulting which we offer our customers. We make full use of our technical expertise when planning each equipment solution. We integrate the widest range of technologies from leading industrial manufacturers into the conceptual design and develop customized, cost-effective systems.

System solutions

We avoid standard solutions and equip our customers with tailor-made and innovative product packages. Flexibility is extremely important to us here so that the equipment can be designed to suit the precise requirements found at the operating location. Close cooperation with customers and manufacturers permits a process chain to be developed which satisfies all the requirements of our customers and permits all the machines delivered to be integrated smoothly into the system – whether this assignment involves installing a number of individual components to form a complete production system or integrating new components into existing systems. 

We operate in the machine business as a supplier-independent service partner. One benefit for our customers: they can obtain complete production lines from a single source with components which are supplied by different vendors. The various machines can therefore be selected solely according to quality and economic criteria, with process optimisation being the exclusive aim.