Odour Control

Odour control through corona discharge units and photoionization, with systems in waste water treatment plants, primary clarifier, dewatering buildings and others

Ferrostaal offers treatment plants for odour control and off-gas. The main odour control processes are photoionisation plants for off-gas and odour treatment as well as activated oxygen units (otherwise known as ionization units or corona discharge units) for indoor air treatment.

The off-gas treatment plants that we supply are an alternative to biofilters, bioscrubbers, chemical scrubbers, carbon filters and similar water purifiers. They stand out due to their modular construction and ease of operation.

These chemical and physical processes are especially suitable for the treatment of highly fluctuating odour loads which are typical for sewage treatment plants. Furthermore, odour is treated as a complex mixture of different contaminants. Apart from odour reduction, an extensive reduction of germs is also gained.

The main characteristics of the products are the ease of use, the high effectiveness, and the 100% reliability. The treatment plants just require electricity for operation, have a low maintenance demand and offer reliable and highly effective operation. The odour control systems are of modular design, necessitate very little space and can be maintained often without interrupting operation.

These systems find applications in pump and vacuum stations, headwork facilities, primary clarifiers, thickeners, sludge holding tanks, sludge treatment (for example dryers or ATAD), dewatering buildings and others.