Aluminium recycling plants and machines

Offering machines that recycle scrap metals in order to increase the benefits of recycable materials

To achieve the required type of end-product, different standard recycling plants are available in our scope of supply. These standard plants are also the starting point when plants are tailored to suit specific customer requirements.

The system offered by Ferrostaal to process aluminium waste is modular and designed to process many different types of input material. Using the modular approach, a large number of combinations can be supplied  to produce shreds, chips, granulate etc. Soft and hard aluminium are typical input material, clean as well as contaminated material, sheets, blanks, profiles, litho, castings, turnings, foils, UBC’s, ”old rolled aluminium” and many others.

We supply equipment that is designed to meet market requirements, thus the individual machines can easily be adjusted  to other fraction sizes, merely by changing the screen size in the machines. We guarantee our customers high performance, low processing costs, low power consumption and low maintenance costs. The modular concept behind the plants offered by us enables you to adapt your production output fraction to specific customer demands. Further, the homogeneous output reduces your energy costs in the melting process.